Our Channels

My Family TV KYNM 30.1 Tuff TV KYNM 30.2 PBJ TV KYNM 30.3

KYNM is a minority, family owned and operated New Mexico media company that is here to serve communities across the Land Of Enchantment. Branded, "Your New Mexico Channel," our commitment is to provide locally produced quality programming that promotes the diverse cultures, heritage and beauty of New Mexico.

We bring over 200 years of combined TV and radio experience to our company, providing more insightful entertaining programming and information to communities across New Mexico. KYNM currently has three channels on the air; 30.1 is My Family TV, 30.2 is TUFF TV and 30.3 is PBJ, Peanut Butter and Jelly network. We invite you to watch Your New Mexico Channel and let us know what you think!