Our Channels

MundoFOX KYNM 21.1 TUFF TV KYNM 21.2 Retro TV KYNM 21.3 REV'N TV KYNM 21.4

KYNM, a New Mexico Family owned multicast television station offers a wide variety of quality programming choices. In addition to great entertainment and information, KYNM also promotes the heritage, culture and beauty of New Mexico. The family has been in broadcasting since the mid 60's and remains passionate and committed to the viewers of New Mexico.

KYNM Offers a Variety of Family Friendly Channels: Ch. 21.1 MundoFOX is quality Spanish television from Fox International and RCN Columbia. Ch. 21.2 TUFF TV targets men's interests in sports, lifestyles, movies, etc. Ch. 21.3 Retro TV features the best in Classic Television. Ch. 21.4 REV'N TV is dedicated to all things revving. Ch. 21.5 QVC is the popular home shopping network.